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Hybrid Ortho/Allosteric Ligands for the Adenosine A1 Receptor
R Narlawar, JR Lane, M Doddareddy, J Lin, J Brussee, AP IJzerman
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Prospective validation of a comprehensive in silico hERG model and its applications to commercial compound and drug databases
MR Doddareddy, EC Klaasse, Shagufta, AP IJzerman, A Bender
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The enantiomers of syn-2, 3-difluoro-4-aminobutyric acid elicit opposite responses at the GABA C receptor
I Yamamoto, MJT Jordan, N Gavande, MR Doddareddy, M Chebib, ...
Chemical communications 48 (6), 829-831, 2012
Role of human CYP3A4 in the biotransformation of sorafenib to its major oxidized metabolites
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Targeting mitogen-activated protein kinase phosphatase-1 (MKP-1): structure-based design of MKP-1 inhibitors and upregulators
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MR Doddareddy, YS Cho, HY Koh, DH Kim, AN Pae
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Potentiating the cellular targeting and anti-tumor activity of Dp44mT via binding to human serum albumin: two saturable mechanisms of Dp44mT uptake by cells
AM Merlot, S Sahni, DJR Lane, AM Fordham, N Pantarat, DE Hibbs, ...
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PH Cui, T Rawling, K Bourget, T Kim, CC Duke, MR Doddareddy, ...
Journal of medicinal chemistry 55 (16), 7163-7172, 2012
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